I am thankful and would recommend the Veterans Reset Center to anyone who thinks their condition or situation is too complicated, small or to big to get the real attention needed. I thought my situation was too small and there were others out there that needed the attention more. But the Veterans Reset Center assured me that no situation is too small. Everyone can benefit from a Reset. 

Darlene W.

I am a veteran who served in Vietnam from 1969 to 1970.  I was exposed to Agent Orange. I never knew that I was entitled to Veteran Disability Compensation for my diabetes until a few years ago, and the paperwork to get started on my journey for disability compensation was overwhelming.  Sheldon Stewart has been a Godsend.  He helped me to get the paperwork started, to get the medical care that I need (that I had previously paid out of my pocket), and disability compensation.   There were times when I was unable to reach anyone within the Administration, and he immediately got in touch with the proper people to get my issue resolved. I am so grateful for the time that Sheldon has taken to help me to secure my benefits and doctor appointments.  He a true mentor to veterans who are in need of medical and support services.  

~Kenneth R

I just listened to your “Basic Training with the Sarge” podcast and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve been stressed, overwhelmed and just plain tired…….I struggle with reliving alot of moments. Your words brother have me wanting to push forward. Thank you and keep going!!

Anthony B. (Basic Training with the Sarge – podcast)

As a veteran of fifty-three, (53) years, my most significant years have been the past four working with Sheldon Stewart.  I had felt abandoned and forgotten as a veteran until getting the guidance to various assets available to me . Thanks and kudos to Mr. Stewart for his untiring time and assistance to access my benefits. 

Timothy D.”

“I do know that your assistance is absolutely appreciated and in my opinion notable for the degree or professionalism, knowledge and kindness that you addressed my concerns. It is my bellied that you were attentive and patience while sifting through the layers of information I shared, and for remaining professional during my frustration and tirade for the delays already experienced.  Thank you ever so kindly!

Deborah B.”

I am 100% Disabled and 4 yrs ago I went to my Tax assessment Office in Winslow Township. I was informed and showed in “black and white” that unless you served during a War time period, you still had to pay Property taxes. I was content with the answer. I met Sheldon in the gym and had a general conversation about Property taxes. He knew that I was a 100% Disabled and assumed that I was exempt from paying Property taxes. I informed him that I was not exempt and that I didn’t served during a “war time” period. Sheldon informed me that I was effective January 2020. Sheldon forwarded me a link later on that same day. I then telephoned the Tax Office the following day and they acknowledged that the information was accurate. They forwarded a 2 page document for my signature and I returned it a few days later. Everything is now in process and I will no longer have to pay over $7,000 a year in Property taxes. Thanks to Sheldon, I will be saving $7,000 a year. Sheldon also has shared other information that is so beneficial for Veterans like myself. I thank God for people like Sheldon who is always looking out for fellow Veterans and sharing valuable information.
Wellington S.”

it is important to take time to recognize and show appreciation to those people that go above and beyond to help people…especially veterans. The TVRC has no one any more willingly to help a vet than Mr. Sheldon Stewart. Guiding me through the process of filing compensation paper work can be overwhelming. Mr. Stewart assisted me throughout the process. He convinced me to be patient and trust the agency and the process. His knowledge of the process and his understanding of how important the process is to the veteran  was always foremost while assisting me. Be honest be accurate and be complete with evidence was instilled in me by Mr. Stewart. To all vets that read this…good luck to you…the VA is not against you…and consider yourself to have been touched by the good Lord if you ever find yourself dealing with Mr. Steward. Personally…thank you “Sarg”. You are truly an amazing asset to our VA, our Veterans and our country. Thank you

Robert B. (LTC Army retired)

 “Hello, my name is Frank and I am writing this testimonial on behalf of myself. I can say that Mr. Stewart (Sarge) was very helpful in addressing my issues/concerns. He was always available when you emailed him about any concerns about my paperwork, and he made sure that my issues were addressed in a timely manner. Right now I am 100% total and permanent, and now I am working with Mr. Stewart to obtain my additional benefits at the state and local level.  I highly recommend that you use the services that are provided by Mr. Stewart and his colleagues at the TVRC.


Frank T.

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