Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What makes the TVRC different from any other Veterans Service Organization/Group?

A: Because the TVRC will not just be providing transitional housing, but it will also be providing counseling services in regards to life skills, job training, finances, spiritual (when requested) and placement under a structured 6month program. During their stay, they will be provided with meals, counseling, physical exercise and other services to keep them moving and active.

Q: Why only a 6 month program?

A: Research has shown that a counselor will know within the first 4 months of an extensive program if a person is receptive to counseling.

Q: What is an Individual Development Program?

A: An IDP is an agreement between the Veteran and their counselor on their goals and what steps to take to achieve that goal during their stay.

Q: So will a Veteran be allowed to come and go as they wish?

A: Yes, this is NOT a jail or institution. There will be required times at night to be in for respect to others who may be sleeping at night but they are adults and we will treat them as such.

Q: Can they eat and indulge in other things?

A: We are going to direct them into habits of better eating and healthy lifestyles. Which means upon their intake, they will have to agree to a DRY community. Which means, no drinking, smoking or recreational drug use. We’re here to clean you up and get you back into society. There will be group exercise classes and other events for them to partake in.

Q: What if a Veteran is not receptive to the counseling?

A:  We will have other resources available to point them in the direction for more intensive services to fit their needs.

Q: How is a Veteran selected?

A: They will go thru a thorough screening process. During the intake screening process, they will be screened for any serious medical or legal issues. If they have serious legal issues, we will refer them to the nearest law firm for assistance. If they have serious medical conditions, we will refer them to the VA.

Q: So you’re affiliated with the VA?

A: NO! The TVRC is in no way or manner affiliated with the VA. There is no binding contract or any agreement with the VA. We are not accredited with the VA

Q: How do you identify the Veterans who are homeless or need assistance?

A: They will be identified thru contact with the local town offices and referrals from family, friends and others who love and care for them.

Q: What if a Veterans wants to file claim?

A: We have made an agreement with a local VSO who will come to our facilities and conduct claims/benefits classes.

Q: Once completed, how does it work?

A: We are currently working with NJ HUD and NJ One-Step to finalize the progression from program graduate to housing and new employee status, Basically, they will walk into a residence provided by HUD and a job coordinated with NJ One-Stop once the program is completed.


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